About the Book


The Outside-in Corporation (first edition 2006; second edition 2014) introduces, explains and explores the outside-in discipline.


Benefits of the outside-in discipline:


    • It helps construct strategies that are based firmly on customer needs and customer behaviors—and does so in the real world, where businesspeople never know as much about customers as they want and need to know.


    • It helps communicate strategies to those involved in implementing them.


    • It helps in using new information to improve strategies over time.


    • It helps businesspeople perceive changes in customers and markets—and to do so early, when it’s easier to adapt successfully.


    • Overall, it helps businesspeople achieve and maintain an outside-in perspective and thereby gain competitive advantage.


The main change in the second edition (2014) is substantially increased discussion of the need to perceive—or even anticipate—changes with significant strategic implications. Further, the new edition adds a bit of discussion of the application of outside-in for nonprofit organizations.


The first edition was published in English in 2006 by McGraw-Hill; in Spanish (translated by Omar Fuentes) in 2006 by McGraw-Hill; and in Chinese in 2007 by China Financial & Economic Publishing House under the authorization of McGraw-Hill.


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