Telltale Signs of Inside-Out


Try checking your organization for the following telltale signs

of inside-out behavior:


• Many employees of the company are unable to state easily, clearly and briefly who are our customers, what we do for those customers and, very briefly, how.


• Different employees have substantially different ideas about our customers, what they care about, and how we serve them.


• We spend lots of time on internal issues, processes and conflicts—and less time on customers.


• Most employees have little or no contact with customers.


• In particular, our top management spends relatively little time having in-depth conversations with customers.


• We’re not clear and explicit about customer behaviors—about how customers buy, where they get relevant information, and so on.


• Our employees have trouble adapting to normal variations in the marketplace. They try to apply one rather rigid formula for all customers.


• We get blindsided by changes in customers.